Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First of all, a list of T&C articles

I love tea. And cake. So when I was asked to contribute to Sam & Janine's Tea & Cake I was more than happy to throw my oar in. Unfortunately I've not really written that much for the site itself, but I have written a couple of articles for the blog. They're all quite long.

Those articles on the site itself:

On the blog:

On the 101things blog there's also an article about the T&C bunch running a tea stall at the Charming Armley cake competition. Worth a read :)


First Post, aha.

This is where I'll be posting pointers to new articles at Mikes 101 Things Thing (a blog about my attempt to do 101 things in 1001 days) and Tea & Cake (a blog and structured site about the joy of tea and, erm, cake).

I'll also be posting stuff here that doesn't fit into either of those two blogs. Cooking that's nothing to do with cake, for example. Photographs. Escapades that aren't on my 101things list (like recent adventures in Clowning, for example). Details of upcoming talks and events that I'll be attending or presenting at, and demands for assistance.

There will also be a link to my twitter feed, although I rarely use it.

And why Backwards Lion? For about 16 years I've had the name nalsa on various internet-gubbins sites. Aslan backwards. This is not because I'm messianic (I'm not, honestly) but because when I came up with the name I had a huge mass of mane-like hair, which was all cut off a couple of years ago in a fit of "why does this take two days to dry? Augh!" You know how it is.